sabato 9 gennaio 2010


Mesic: History cannot be reversed (dailies)
Croatian President Stipe Mesic during the visit to Kosovo yesterday said that independence is irreversible and that Kosovo cannot return under Serbia’s rule again. He also called on Serbia to stop fostering illusions that Kosovo can go to a pre-independence situation since the architecture of the region has taken on a new shape and is now oriented towards European integrations. “I have said many times and I will repeat again: Serbia doesn’t have to recognise Kosovo but at a certain point in time, if only for the interests of Serbs living here, it should set a sort of modus vivendi on Kosovo,” said Mesic. Mesic was presented by President Fatmir Sejdiu with the Golden Medal of Independence and was declared Pristina’s citizen of honour. Croatian President also addressed the members of the Kosovo Assembly. During his visit, chief prosecutors from Kosovo and Croatia also signed a memorandum for cooperation in the fight against organised crime.

Fitzgerald: Parallel structures present a threat (dailies)
“We view all breaches of Security Council Resolution 1244 as a threat to security. Since parallel structures are not recognised by this resolution, we are concerned about them,” said Commander of NATO Allied Joint Force Command Naples Mark Fitzgerald whilst on a visit to Kosovo. Fitzgerald made the comments after meeting COMKFOR Markus Bentler. NATO admiral also met President Fatmir Sejdiu

Serb MUP monitors north of Mitrovica through cameras (Koha Ditore)
The paper quotes sources saying that the Serbian Interior Ministry (MUP) and the Serb Intelligence Service have placed cameras in light poles and various buildings in north Mitrovica so as to monitor the situation 24 hours. In addition, the source said that MUP has also placed micro cameras in post boxes. Kosovo Police, says the paper, is not aware of this. “We have no information on the existence of these cameras,” said Spokesman Besim Hoti who added that the Kosovo Police will look into the issue.

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