giovedì 14 gennaio 2010


Internationals’ strategy for the north (Koha Ditore)

Koha Ditore reports that the Quint states, the EU, EULEX and ICO are close to drafting a strategy for northern Kosovo. The draft document aims to change dynamics in the north in three ways: to change discourse towards the north (of both national and international actors), to enforce the policy that the use of force is not a solution for the north, and to create stimulation for the voluntary cooperation of Serbs.
Koha Ditore reports that the International presence in Kosovo is close to finalizing this strategic document, in which steps will be defined for the establishment of the authority of Kosovo institutions in the north. “The strategy aims to change the current status quo in the north, including the approach of national and international circles in Pristina towards the north,” said a source.
Four main actions are included in the strategy: The creation of the north Mitrovica municipality; the creation of conditions for normalizing the three other northern municipalities; the enforcement of EULEX to fulfill its mandate; and the house of EU to promote positive changes.

Police expel Bogdanovic from Kosovo (dailies)
All dailies report that Kosovo Police expelled Serbian Minister for Kosovo Goran Bogdanovic from the territory of the Republic of Kosovo on Wednesday, as according to police, he was conducting political activities in the municipality of Shtërpce. Bogdanovic was stopped by police around noon as he was about to meet with municipal authorities elected in the Serbian elections of May 2009, and was escorted to the Merdare border crossing point.
“Based on information we have, the so-called Serbian minister for Kosovo Goran Bogdanovic was about to conduct political activities which are against the decision of the Government of Kosovo. Based on this decision, at around 11:45 hours, police identified his location and escorted him to border crossing point 3, where he was expelled from the territory of the Republic of Kosovo,” said Shpend Maxhuni, Kosovo Police deputy director of operations.

Many questions around Giffoni-Tadic meeting (Zëri)
The daily reports on its front page that Italian Ambassador to Kosovo and EU special envoy to the north Michael Giffoni was seen accompanying Serbian President Boris Tadic while he visited the Deçan Monastery on Orthodox Christmas. Giffoni denied having had any meetings with Tadic, and said that the encounter was coincidental and that he attended the religious ceremony for personal reasons, as he always does during the festivities of any religion.
Vetëvendosja leader Albin Kurti said the meeting between Giffoni and Tadic came as a result of the implementation of the UN Secretary-General’s Six-Point Plan. Kurti added that since Tadic was not accompanied by EUSR Pieter Feith, but rather by Giffoni, it shows that they agree with Tadic that the north of Kosovo does not belong to Kosovo, but rather to Serbia.

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