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Nel corso del 2010 questo blog accoglierà, accanto alle mie saltuarie riflessioni, le principali news in lingua inglese contenute nella carta stampata kosovara e serba. Lo scopo è quello di avere una visione più aggiornata di fatti ed eventi quotidiani che ci accompagneranno per l'anno a venire. Bene, iniziamo allora..

2010 budget approved (dailies)
Dailies report that Kosovo deputies gathered at the Assembly on Tuesday, for the last time this year, and approved the Republic of Kosovo draft budget of €1.461 billion for 2010. 66 deputies supported the draft budget, four were against and one abstained; while as previously announced, the three major opposition parties did not participate in the session, because of what they considered weaknesses in budget allocations for 2010.

Serbia should recognize Kosovo to become an EU member (Zëri)
Zëri reports that German deputy Klaus Peter Willsch from the Democratic Christian Union announced that in order to become a European Union member, Serbia should recognize Kosovo. “There is a difficult road ahead for Serbia, because the war in Balkans, which was started by Milosevic, ended very recently. The European Union is ready to normalize relations, but the Kosovo issue is a test for Serbia. I do not see any other way,” said Willsch.

New elections?! (Lajm)
Lajm reports that the ‘refreshment’ of the Thaçi government, which is expected to take place in the first part of 2010, will make it difficult to quell the ambitions of the LDK and other parties in securing early parliamentary elections, which could change the future composition of government coalition. With these upcoming changes, Prime Minister Hashim will attempt to avoid early elections taking place in the coming year. Assembly President Jakup Krasniqi said that he supported early elections if they are in the interest of the state and its democracy. On the other hand, AKR leader Behgjet Pacolli has said that a small country like Kosovo normally does not need to hold early elections, and that that this government cannot push anymore because of relations created inside the governing coalition. In such conditions, Pacolli noted that he supports the creation of a technical government. According to AAK leader Ramush Haradinaj, the crises can end with early elections.

People who marked 2009 (Koha Ditore)
Among the personalities that made an impact on 2009, Koha Ditore also includes head of UNMIK Lamberto Zannier. The paper writes that Zannier in no way managed to win over the sympathies of the people of Kosovo in 2009, and while he maintained contacts with Kosovo leadership to brief them on the reconfiguration of the mission during the first half of the year, his presence was almost completely ignored in the second half of the year. In spite this, the daily notes that Zannier has managed to preserve the composure of a diplomat, and a few months ago was asked by Kosovo representatives to take into account their views during the drafting of the report on Kosovo to the UN Security Council.

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