giovedì 31 dicembre 2009


Oliver Ivanovic on Kosovo-Metohija (Danas)
“The coming year will be a difficult one. There will be economic problems; but I hope that privatization will be completed, that we will pass laws necessary for continuing with European integration and receiving candidacy. I also expect a positive decision of the ICJ on Kosovo-Metohija, and that we will commence talks with the Albanians,” the State Secretary to the Ministry for Kosovo-Metohija, Oliver Ivanovic, told Danas.

Nikolic on Kosovo and the EU (Kurir)
When asked about Kosovo-Metohija, the leader of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) Tomislav Nikolic said: “Kosovo-Metohija is a big wound of the Serbian people. As if all of our wanderings and misfortunes gathered here. We thought it was ours finally, and that there will be no more migrations. Centuries before, Kosovo was a strange place where we showed a lot of courage, but also a lot of inexperience. If there is wisdom within us, they will call us one day to talk again, since that state cannot function. There are no more stories on Kosovo and NATO coming from the EU, but on integration. They have one of my projects according to which Serbia with Kosovo-Metohija should become an EU member, and then for the EU to develop the Kosovo region absolutely independently from Serbia. They will have essential autonomy, a president, parliament, army, police, judiciary, healthcare, everything. They will never have a state, because, as long as Russia and China are in the Security Council, this will not happen.”

Djukanovic: Kosovo independence cannot be annulled (Blic)
Montenegrin Premier Milo Djukanovic has said that Kosovo’s independence cannot be revised. He said that “time was only wasted on the attempts to annul Kosovo’s independence and that it would be more rational, no matter how painful, to draw the line and turn towards the European future.”

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